Column: So many things and people to be thankful for

Bon appetit! Or, if you prefer the Italian, as I do, mangia bene!

It’s Thanksgiving Day. So what do Americans do? Eat. And watch football.

While I’m all for that, I wonder how much appreciation do we actually show on this day to people other than cooks and large athletic men? I like to get into the true spirit of the holiday, and that is by dishing out thanks to:

“WKRP in Cincinnati” turkey drop: For being one of the great scenes in television history. Google it up and have a much Happier Thanksgiving.

Peter Seidler: For having the bold answer to “What’s in your wallet?” Plenty.

Fredo Spanos: For putting together another winner for your out-of-town paying customers. Oh, and joining Lucy and Ricky Ricardo as charter members of the Renter Hall of Fame.

Midway Project and removal of the height limit: For being near the top of the growing list of the dumbest things San Diego has ever conceived.

Justin Herbert: For being an able curator of the Inglewood Zoo.

Elon Musk: For being King of Twits.

Fernando Tatis Jr.: For nothing.

Manny Machado: For growing up, learning to drive and grabbing the wheel.

Paul Rudy: For, again, somehow managing to get “Prep Pigskin Report” completed on the fly with so many moving parts.

Ribbon Cutter Mayor and his Ham & Eggers: For making me — and I would think many others — long for the days of a City Manager government.

101 Ash Street: For proving the Ham & Eggers did asbestos they could.

Eric Hosmer: For taking the fall you didn’t deserve like a man.

Pass interference: For being harder to call than a Laplander without a signal.

Aaron Rodgers: For proving once and for all that ayahuasca is not a performance-enhancing drug.

Don Coryell: For finally, hopefully, getting into the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Dan Patrick: For using his influence to get San Diego State into the Pac-12.

JD Wicker: For magnanimously allowing Patrick to do his Pac-12 negotiating for him.

The Dodgers. For winning so much that the egg you laid in free range Petco may have been large enough for San Diegans to celebrate their jump in cholesterol.

The Dodgers II: For losing. Any time you get beat is great, but to the Padres? In October? Heaven can wait.

A.J. Preller: For not returning my calls even though I haven’t called you — but getting the Pads to the playoffs without my help, anyway.

Bob Melvin: For managing to manage through miserable doldrums worse than those explorers discovered rounding the Cape of Good Hope.

ESPN’s “Get Up” on NFL Monday mornings: With Rex Ryan, Ryan Clark and Dan Orlovsky, the best explanatory, entertaining post-football talk on TV.

Brady Hoke: For looking out the window and finding “happiness lies right under your eyes back in your own backyard (thanks to Al Jolson)” — in the fine form of protean quarterback Jalen Mayden, who was safety first.

Jay Posner, my boss and friend (before this): For retiring under his own terms. Whatever that means, certainly not terms of endearment.

Zach Wilson: For working his way up to a Michelin star chef, cooking his own Thanksgiving goose.

Karla Peterson: For typing so superbly into your too-soon retirement.

Rick Smith: For being an idol who became a muse.

Rick Schloss: For being Muse II, my second set of eyes and ears — and marrying well, severely outkicking your coverage.

Sharon: For marrying Rick Schloss, who should never be left alone.

Bill Center: For covering more things — for covering more things exceptionally well — than the Pacific. (If everyone had Bill’s work ethic, our billionaires would be trillionaires.)

Ron Cota: For throwing me a (large) buoy and keeping me afloat on the Red Sea.

NBA: For being as watchable as an atom bomb flash.

Brian Dutcher: For breaking away from Steve Fisher’s gigantic footprints and creating a path of your own.

Social Security: For continuing to dodge the career-ending hit.

Stanford: For being Stanford, the only university that somehow could think of kicking a 61-yard field goal with five seconds left in regulation down by 10 — and then celebrating.

Lying: For being the new truth for idiots.

Larry David: For refusing to curb your enthusiasm.

Roger Goodell: For trying to internationalize a game that can’t be internationalized.

Rob Manfred: For at least calling lost and found for your spine.

Dr. Fauci: For finding your spine 80 years ago.

Joe Musgrove: For having your likeness painted on more walls than a banana republic dictator.

Dusty Baker: For finally getting into the jewelry shop for the ring you’ve long deserved.

RIP: For all the friends I’ve lost this year.

Home plate umpires: For being so bad calling balls and strikes you not only have made me nuts, but I’ve heard from beyond that you could have driven frustrated Wilt Chamberlain into celibacy.

Analytic nerds: For never leaving the house or playing a game that requires perspiration and still dominating sports.

Caleb Williams: For deserving a Heisman you probably can win only if voters consider USC already a part of the Big Ten.

Basketball: For becoming a travel-ogue. I’ve seen fewer steps in the Chrysler Building.

Brandon Staley: For being the right choice as Rams defensive coordinator.

Disney: For raising the price of your Anaheim amusement park to a level so high I no longer need a weak excuse to stay away.

Argentina soccer: For losing to Saudi Arabia in something other than oil production.

Zach Wilson: For being the ultimate team guy, so unselfish you lost your job to someone named Mike White.

Yu Darvish: For being Yu, Yu. Which is pretty damn good.

Bullet Train: For being so California.

Mark Zeigler: For being so good, and choosing Aztecs basketball on Maui over the sweltering World Cup — but I’m forgetting it can’t be the heat, because you don’t sweat.

FIFA: For once again cha-chinging the cash register from human right violators.

FBS Playoffs: For being too big and yet too small.

Cathedral Catholic High’s girls volleyball team: For loudly being 42-0, No. 1 in the country.

USD’s women’s volleyball team: For quietly being No. 2 in the country.

Newspapers: For remaining crucial, necessary, relevant, significant, essential, imperative, influential _ you know, good things.

Ukranians: For being the Earth’s People of The Year.

Teresa: For 50 years of loving guardian angeling.

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